IT Modernization

Don’t let legacy systems impede your digital transformation.

Aging systems and legacy enterprise applications often cannot take full advantage of today’s customer-centric technologies, like cloud and mobile computing.

An IT modernization project is a major undertaking that impacts both internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders, such as system end-users are impacted by business process change and the deployment of new features and functionalities.

A comprehensive change management program and role-based end-user training are critical success factors for a transformational IT Modernization initiative.

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Software Assessment, Selections and Acquisition

The key to successful software vendor selection is to find and select the vendor that best meets your needs. Our methodology leverages our team’s extensive knowledge of the software market. Our approach includes prioritizing and evaluating your needs against vendor offerings and includes creating a score card of key metrics such as cost, risk, software capabilities, and vendor services based upon vendor responses. It allows the collaborative process to shape and develop our recommendations and approach, enabling us to tailor each step to fit your unique specifications.

Migration to Cloud

Our cloud migration strategy begins with an assessment to determine baseline capabilities, a structured migration readiness and planning project to build the capabilities and plan to migrate and operate at scale, and then the approach and support to successfully execute those migrations.

Our four-step migration process includes:

  • Migration readiness assessment
  • Migration readiness and planning
  • Migration
  • Automation.
Datacenter Consolidation

As enterprises move to the cloud, it is a great opportunity to realize cost savings by consolidating on-premises data center equipment and space.

For a data center consolidation to be successful, organizations need to be one cohesive unit. This requires the following steps to minimize risks and maximize outputs:

  • Evaluate
  • Plan
  • Design
  • Build
  • Commission.

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